Monday, 8 December 2014

Pinterest & a few current projects (when I'm not on Pinterest)

Lately I have been immersed in an abyss - a romantic, dreamy, out of this world Pinterest abyss. Oh the pretty pins! So pretty in fact that they are continuously distracting me from my painting projects, barre classes, and the occasional gardening project (of which the very idea was probably from Pinterest itself).  Sad, yes. Addictive, also yes.

In my defence, I am planning a wedding, and in 2014 how would one plan a wedding without this amazing online board of images I have so nicely been allowed to curate myself?

If you are on Pinterest and share my same addiction, stop by our profile and give us a hola or a follow! This is what it looks like!

OK, so moving past the fact that I need a pin-tervention, here are a few projects that have been filling up the rest of my time. Some wedding related, some general arty fun stuff.

Fun fact: I may or may not have been listening to Mariah Carey whilst writing this post. Hey, heeeyyy don't hate, she is damn classic and you know it.

Here are a few concept designs for some hand painted wedding signs I am working on at the mo'....

Hard to choose! I am partial to blue though myself.

Gorgeous pieces of camphor laurel timber waiting to be sanded down and painted on.

This is a little something' somethin' I finished for my own 'Save the Date' cards.

Watercolour feathers and one of my favourite poetry books.

Here are some pretty blooms....

So that last one was just a pretty picture of some full bodied Shiraz and fresh blooms from my favourite local florist, That Flower Shop. Yes I know it's not a painting but in all honesty I find it hard to paint without both wine and flowers in my home. Call it a creative safety net or OCD, but it's a true story.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Until the next rant,

x Carly

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pucker Up

Sometimes my artwork makes it to parts of Australia I haven't even had the opportunity to explore yet. My most recent commission has travelled to a new home in Perth, the 'City of Lights,' and is another big feature piece Completed solely in acrylic, 'PUCKER UP' measures 180cm x 120cm and is true to my original pop art style way back when I began first selling my work in local cafes at 16.

It was really enjoyable painting this piece after I had strayed away from the style for a little while...I was even able to capture a time lapse video for most of the process so you can see how I paint away in my little home studio (or living room in this dining room table worked well as my easel luckily).

To see the time lapse video just go to my Vimeo page here.

Freshly sketched on...

Start of the blocking!

And on to the outline!

Finished and drying in some natural light.

I am always so fortunate to have such awesome clients and this lovely couple were no exception. I imagine it is kind of daunting purchasing something from across the country that is not only custom but has to be couriered over 3600km to adorn the wall it is meant for. Thank goodness everything went smoothly and it arrived safe and sound.

Here are a few shots from the new owners in their smokin' new home...

Until next time,

x Carly

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Lifes A Beach

Long time, no type! Or no paint maybe? You may have noticed I have still been alive and posting on Instagram and Facebook, but away from all of our little projects posted on social media there has been a pretty big project on the go in my little home studio...

Behold 'LIFE'S A BEACH.'  The 1.7m x 1.3m aerial view artwork featuring 214 little people enjoying a sunny day on the beach, all with varying towels and 'beach gear' including, a scooter, hula hoop, football, straw hats, iPad's, books and magazines, thongs, sunglasses, a cricket bat, beach ball, backpacks, handbags, a twisties packet and some little tubes of sunscreen...and that's not everything.

I chose to paint this piece with oils as I thought it was very important to use the buttery consistency of oil paint to create real texture, especially for the sand.  Generally I work in acrylic and ink so the switch to oils was both fun and challenging.  The thing I struggled the most with was the drying time.  The thing I loved the most about oils was the body they provide and the stunning hues available.

The wonderful family who commissioned this work from me were so patient despite my never-ending delays and constant 'I haven't forgotten about you' progress shots. I could not have asked for sweeter clients and I am so happy that they love it and now get to enjoy it in their home.

Me with my little palette painting away! 

It's safe to say that since I am starting to picture tiny little patterned beach towels every time I close my eyes to sleep, I will be taking a break from painting them in the very immediate future.  The next few months should see me tackle some personal projects that I have had on my mind for a while now.

I am always open to commission work though so if I can fit you in and you have something in mind please feel free to drop me a line via email to discuss :)

Oh, and here are a few close-up shots from various areas of the work so you can see more detail...

On a parting note, I thought I should clear up a very important factor that some of you are probably wondering (mostly male)...yes, there are a few topless lasses baking on my little beach collective. Hard to find an Australian beach this packed without a few stray bikinis so for the sake of authenticity I thought I had better paint a few bare chests in there. But, there is also a cute woman with a baby bump just for good measure!
I did tamper with the idea of adding in an 'au natural' male proudly baring all, but let's be honest, women prefer a bit of mystery and shorts to the knee ;)

Until next time, love and peace.

x Carly

Me standing next to the finished artwork!